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Welcome to Central Florida Photography!
This's intended to be a networking community for central Florida photographers, models, enthusiasts, makeup artists, stylists, and more.
If you're interested in the above & in the corridor from the metro-Tampa area to the Daytona Beach-Melbourne beachside strip, you're welcome as a member. Folks outside this area are welcome to WATCH the community & can comment on entries but will not have posting access.
Posts are intended to promote you & your work, events & art shows in the area, give notice about services available or items for sale, etc.
A more direct list about what's acceptable for posting is coming, but use some common sense and don't spam or advertise anything illegal.
Image rules are also coming, 2 main things are large images (over 600 pixels on any side) and non-work safe images or images containing nudity should be behind LJ cuts. NO IMAGES CONTAINING PORNOGRAPHY ALLOWED. If you post images containing ILLEGAL activity including child porn you'll be reported to LJ and the police/FBI.

PROFILES WITHOUT A CENTRAL FLORIDA LOCATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR MEMBERSHIP. If you're applying with a blank journal with little to no user info, I will assume you're joining to spampost or harrass members & not allow you in.

More to come!